Happy New Year!

Each month I write a blog post for MSWonlineprograms.org.  It is geared towards individuals thinking about going back to school, who are in school and in the social work field.  This month my post was about Pinterest for Social Workers.  I'm sure if you click on some of the links you might find some interesting boards to explore.  (Don't forget to check out Holding Hope Services Pinterest Board!)   

I'll post the entire post below.  I'd like you to pay attention to the bonus tip I have toward the end.  It is an encouragement for you to create a vision board using Pinterest.  Have you set your goals for the next year?  Have you imagined where you want to be as 2017 is closing out?  Make yourself a vision board and keep yourself on track to realizing your dreams

Happy New Year!

One of the best things about starting a new year is not only the possibilities for the future but the motivation and energy we have to start projects and bring new ideas into life.  As a social worker – I love having new tools to use in my practice, new ideas to try and interesting readings related to the career I love.

I’m guessing most of us use social media, either personally or professionally, but I bet a lot of people overlook Pinterest as a place to gather idea to use in their everyday social work practice.  I use Pinterest all the time when I am looking for an idea or intervention or I’m looking for inspiration.  I find that perusing Pinterest makes me more excited about the work I do.  It also gives me an easy place to save websites I may want to check out again or resources I may need at a later time.  I have created many boards to organize all the pins I want to save!

I can’t vouch for everything on these boards but here are some favorite Pinterest Boards for Social Workers.


Things for Therapy


Great interventions, particularly with school-age kids.  Love the pin about “What can I say to Myself,” helping children reframe their negative thoughts.


Lots of ideas on this board.  I especially like the pin about how to write a personal mission statement.


Great worksheets, especially for children and adolescents.  A lot of the ideas can be tweaked just a bit to use with adults.  Let your creative side free.


This board has the adults covered with great pins to check.


More great ideas for working with adults.

Social Work


A BSW worker in foster who is in grad school.  Lots of kid interventions


This board has a lot of practical information such as links to Medicare information and to an article on ways a board certified case manager can help you.  (I like that one because I have the Care Manager Credential and would love the world to know what it means.)


More general social work thoughts and interventions.


I follow this site on multiple social media platforms.  This link showcases all the great pins from social work tutor.  Great articles specifically about the struggles of social workers and also some funny memes which every social worker will understand.


Only about 2.7 thousand pins about social work.

Mental Health


Some interesting pins including some on self-care.


Lots of quotes about mental health.  My favorite – “Don’t be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others.”


Tons of general Mental Health Pins.


Lots of pins leading to tips on improving mental health.


This is definitely one of my favorite boards.  If you are looking for some insight on how mental illness feels – the quotes on this board illustrate it well.

General Grad School


This board seems to be created by a social worker.  It has pins to 20 Ted talks for twenty-something and great websites for students.


Just a few pins but a couple of gems are on this board.c


This one had some good writing tips and posts all about getting that A.

Motivational (Some of my favorite boards! It is good mood food and encouragement to live fully!)

The next few boards all have quotes that resonated with me.  Now that you are perusing Pinterest, I’m sure you can find many that inspire you too




Hopefully, you find some boards in this list you like.  It is surprisingly easy to get so involved that you will have a lot of helpful boards of your own!  Feel free to check out my boards to see lots more ideas.  https://www.pinterest.com/helpingholdhope/

Bonus Tip:  I often suggest to clients who want to make a vision board to start a Pinterest board.  This is the perfect time of year to think of your goals, discover your desires and take an active part in envisioning your future.  Just create a board on Pinterest and add pins that touch your soul or motivate you to achieve your goals.  Then don’t forget to check back periodically to maintain your motivation and honor your successes.

Happy Pinning and Best wishes for an amazing New Year!