Three Tips to Declutter Your Mind

Sometimes it feels like the world is so full of clutter.  There is noise in the streets, social media, and a house full of stuff. It can be overwhelming. I have found some simple ways to declutter my life that hopefully will help you as well. There is nothing like a clean house and a clean “world” to give you peace, allow you view your life with hope and be ready to face whatever struggle comes your way.


Many times we get used to having the TV or the radio on as constant background noise. This is really just a way for us to not be alone in the silence. Consider that silence may be just what we need. Silence can be a helpful state, once you get used to it. Take some time and pay attention to the noise all around you. Try to find a place in your home or on the drive to work where you can just shut it all off and be alone with yourself. Turn off your radio or TV and just take note of what is around you. Feel the steering wheel in the car or the cushions of the chair. You can spend this time thinking about nothing or thinking about what you might have on your plate for the day. The lack of white noise distraction will allow you to be able to pay complete
attention to that thing you are focusing on. This little shift of sitting in silence can make a vital difference in your calm.


Sometimes we get to the point that our space is so full of things to
do that we don’t even know where to start. Your kitchen table is piled high mail and papers and the laundry basket is sitting in the corner. Try picking a specific space in your home or
office where you like to spend time. Take everything out of the space and then bring in
only the items necessary to accomplish the tasks you do in that area. You may be amazed at how little you actually need and how many items you don't even miss. Make piles of donations, recycling, and garbage. What an accomplishment! Wouldn’t it be great to create a clean space where you can focus on the task at hand.  With the clear space you won't be constantly reminded of what you haven't yet completed and the desire to clean up before you spend time in your space. You will likely be surprised at how much you can complete in the decluttered space!


There are times when we are so busy being with people and doing for people that we forget to do for ourselves. Do you have any relationships where there just seems to be too much noise or drama for you? It may be an old friend or family member that just seems to take more than they give. Maybe it is a co-worker who can't carry their own weight. Take a look at your relationships and evaluate whether you are getting out of them what you are putting in.
Obviously, there are some relationships that are not equal, such as a caregiving
relationship where the person you are giving to is not capable of giving more or even
equally to you. Those are relationships that you have where you need respite. However, there are a lot of relationships of choice.  If you evaluate your relationships and find there are some that are draining you, set some boundaries, , look at setting limits with your time and investment with them. I am not suggesting you get rid of an old friend or loved one, I am merely suggesting that you choose how much time and energy you are going to invest in the relationship.  You be the driver in your relationships.  This will allow you to clean up your personal commitments so you have the freedom to make choices about how you spend your time.

If you need help “cleaning up”, talk to someone who can help you prioritize your clutter. Invest in yourself.  You are worth it!

3 Tips to Declutter Your Mind is authored by Shari Matthews Huizar LCSW.  Shari is a bicultural/bilingual (Spanish/English) therapist with Holding Hope Services.  She has a passion for working with individuals struggling with cultural issues.  She works with adults and families, helping them meet their goals, heal the hursts, and live fully and loving in their relationships and in thier life!